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Buying From Motus Auto Auctions

Everyone is welcome

First time buyers and experienced dealer buyers are all welcome. Whether you're looking for a specific car or something to suit your budget, Motus Auto Auctions will help you find the right car. At our auction house in Meadowdale you can inspect the cars, compare price and quality directly, and we will assist you to make the right decisions when buying on auction.

Why should you buy from Motus Auto Auctions?

  • Auction cars are sourced from various suppliers including; Standard Bank, iMas Finance, Auto Pedigree, Fleet and Car rental companies such as Europcar and Tempest. Private individuals are also welcome to bring their vehicles to be auctioned.
  • We auction everything from small budget cars to big 4x4s and luxury executive cars. Bikes, boats, trucks and buses are occasionally on offer as well.
  • Motus Auto Auctions has been in existence for over 10 years.
  • Wide variety of cars on offer, new stock every week.
  • Weekly auctions every Monday at 11:00 am.
  • On-site auction finance available.
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