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Step-by-step Online Auction Registration

If you’re looking to buy a car online and at an online car auction, the registration process is what you need to get right.  Whether you’re looking as an individual or as a business looking to grow its fleet, having the right documentation is where it begins. Here’s how the online car auction registration process works. 

Here is how  you do it. 

On the Motus website, you will be requested to “create an account” which will be your profile when logging in to start bidding. It’s a simple and standard method of capturing all your information like your name, email address and password to log in.

Once this has been completed and all relevant information entered, click on “Complete Verification”. 

Here’s where the verification process begins. 

An image of yourself will be requested, so do make sure that your camera is clear and that the lighting around you allows for a clear image to be captured. 

Once your selfie has been uploaded, accept the terms and conditions and click “SUBMIT”.

You’ll then be requested to fill in the following:

Your ID and passport number or scan them for upload.

Your residential address and upload your proof of address.

With all your requested documents, scanned and uploaded, finally provide your contact details.

The last step is indicating your registration capacity, either as an individual or a business entity.

If you’re a business, you will select the second option and fill in your company detail. These include but are not limited to the director’s details and documentation that will need to be uploaded. 

Once that has been completed, simply accept the terms and conditions and you’re in. You’re ready to start bidding on an online auction. Visit our website today for all our available vehicles at auction.

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