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Online Car Bidding Requirements - What You Need To Know

Online car auctioning is significantly growing in South Africa, with people constantly asking, what are the requirements for online auctioning and is it an extensive process? It’s fairly simple and the documentation needed is no different to what a bank would request at times. In order to participate in an online car auction, one needs to comply with FICA requirements and these include your  I.D document, proof of address, etc. These are all required as without them, any vehicle bought will not be released. 

With Motus Auto Auctions, South Africa’s main online entry point for car auctions has created a simplified process to create a profile and upload your documents in under five minutes. You will need to have the following information on hand as you go through the registration process. 

As individuals or a business, these documents will need to be scanned and uploaded when registering. 

As a business, the following documents will be required. 

It is best to gather all the listed documents before creating a profile to make your registration process seamless. To bid on a vehicle you have been eyeing, register here

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