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How Do You Buy A Car At An Online Auction?

Can You Finance An Auction Car With Motus Auto Auctions?

Buying an auction car can be daunting for those who are not well versed in the ins and outs of car auctions. One reason for this may be questions about how to finance an auction car. At Motus Auto Auctions, not only are we South Africa’s main online entry point for car auctions, but we also offer a range of financial services for auto auction cars.  

Can You Finance An Auction Car?

Finance for a new vehicle is essential and we understand that buyers need reassurance that their vehicle will be properly financed in order to bid with confidence. We at Motus Auto Auctions will arrange pre-approved finance for the auction car, prior to the auction. This ensures that you can bid with confidence knowing that your finance is in place. We are partnered with financial institutions which allows us to facilitate finance for both commercial and private-to-private transactions. 

Products And Services

There are a range of products and services that we offer for finance on an auction car. These include a mechanical breakdown warranty as well as cover for death and disability. Dent and scratch products are also available, as well as cover for  retrenchment, shortfall and deposit. 

Finance Representatives 

We have Auction Finance representatives on viewing days, which fall on Saturday. These representatives will assist you with financing an auction car and will be more than happy to assist. Have a look at the car auction finance section of our website for more. 

Financing an auction car is a great option when in the market for a new vehicle. Motus Auto Auctions are here to help you every step of the way on your car auction journey, visit our website today for all your finance questions, queries and concerns on your auction car.

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